The Effects of oil bunkering in the Niger-Delta region of Nigeria.

Apart from other revenue generating natural resources in Nigeria such as such as coal, minerals, natural gas and so on .Oil  constitutes the major source of revenue in the federal republic of Nigeria through its exportation to various countries of the world, and it is majorly located in the Niger-Delta region  which should regard it as the richest state in Nigeria.

Despite the fact that the Niger Delta region contributes a significant amount to the nations GDP, its rural communities are still grossly underdeveloped and her inhabitants considered among the poorest in the country (Rufus, 2018), which had resulted to inhabitants engaging in crimes including oil bunkering just to make ends meet. Which country or state would not do the same? Because how can you how can we talk about a nation blessed with this natural resource but unable to provide social amenities for her citizens or state blessed with is still regarded as one of the poorest.

The actions of these inhabitants in their aim to get attention from the government had done more harm than good to the dwellers of Niger-delta such as:

  • Loss of huge amount of oil revenues as a result of illegal bunkering and vandalization.
  • Economic disaster such as oil spillage which had endangered the lives of fishes in the sea 
  • Pollution of rivers, seas thereby making lives unbearable for the majority of the dwellers who depends on fish farming as a means of livelihood.
  • Displacement and loss of lives as a result of explosions, high criminal rates and so on.

There have also been several incidents of third-party interference, tampering with mechanical components and the installed barriers on crude oil well heads, with evidence of illegal bunkering from the wells.  For each incident, the oil companies take steps to immediately re-secure the wells. But the criminal activities persist and sometimes result to explosions and, or fire incidents. (Mohammed, 2019)

Although, the Nigerian government has been putting more efforts to provide solutions to oil bunkering through the deployment of more security agencies, security equipment, in other to curb these activities and as well bring back foreign investors. But however, the need to double check the security agencies should also be considered due to the corrupt practices of a large number of them.

These security agents should be motivated to work harder through salary and welfare increment to stop them from looking outside for more money. but this practice has failed as a result of Biasedness and favouritism on the part of the government officials

Although, these are part of the necessary measures to curb oil bunkering, maintaining tranquillity in and improving the economic growth of Nigeria, but government should keep checks on corrupt security agents.

  • Osuagwu, S., & Olaifa E. (2018). Effects of oil spills on fish production in the Niger Delta. PLoS ONE 13(10): e0205114.
  • Mohammed, S. (2019). Implications Of Oil Theft And Illegal Bunkering In Niger Delta: The Ojumole Case Study:

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